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Saving you time, and time is money

Before you can hire the best people, you have to first be able to find them.

JEI STAFFING GROUP provides fast, aggressive, and focused employee-search campaigns to locate, screen, and pre-qualify the right candidates on your behalf.

JEI STAFFING GROUP is your total recruitment outsourcing solution. We take the time to learn and understand your precise needs, scouring the Internet on your behalf, screening and pre-qualifying candidates for you to interview.

Our goal is to provide you with a multitude of reasons to maintain a long-term relationship with us. We want to be the first resource that comes to mind when you have Human Capital needs of any kind because we've earned your confidence.

Eleven Reasons to use JEI STAFFING GROUP
(There's More)

1. Thoughtful analysis of your requirements

2. Professionally trained Internet Recruiters

3. Recruiters specializing in your industry

4. Cutting-edge Internet Recruiting services

5. Tried-and-true, recruiting techniques

6. Access to high-quality passive candidates

7. Complete control over the hiring process

8. No-risk, contingency-fee service

9. Avoid investments in recruiting technology

10. Existing personnel remain focused on tasks

11. Power of a national network of JEI STAFFING GROUP


companies need people!

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